How to Organize your makeup and skin care products

Partition of products
share space in the drawer with compartments for different skin care products; you can fill your car in small containers from the kitchen hallway, bathroom and closet corridors, a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. You can use trays, drawers inside the skin care and makeup products because they are easy to clean and a soft lining and rubber feet that prevent slipping when it is open. This makes it possible for you to take it out if you want to get out.

make use of the modern Fashioned Mug
When we talk about the modern glass, there is nothing revolutionary storage, cotton pads, Q-tips, brushes, and others in the jars, unless you do not even it was time to do it, what makes the revolutionary how to simplify routine. You can use vintage Mason jars, modern look vessel, such as kitchen lid metal cans or bottles used candles. Stash of bottles in a cabinet under the sink if there is no counter space; This makes the skin care products are easy to grab.

Your Hair Hang Up Stuff
Hair products and tools bane of the existence of skincare and makeup products. bulky, tangled cables and hairspray cans from heat styling appliances, this hair that always seems to pose the greatest problems of the organization. Instead, spend your time in a closet or drawer, try to hang in the back of the bathroom door. After a good organization of different sizes makes it a good hold of the hair of different sizes.

Organize your Nail Polish Color in a variety of families
Unfortunately, gone are the days of my nail polish dedicated cabinet. But organizers fridge stacked help in organizing them. Stack a few more inches to eight inches at least four styles of all colors are neatly arranged on the side easily.

Make Your Nail Tools Easy Access
If the nail color collections are usually depressing, you can keep your favorite shade of nail treatments, tools, top coating and removing special containers that are located in front of the largest beauty stacked crates.

Have Makeup Crates eyes, lips, face and
Excessive makeup, you can branch organizers Makeup preparation various sizes. What makes this work is that you can designate accounts in different categories, lipsticks, eyelid and others; it is also effective lipsticks lined up, making it easy to see the colors.

Using Counter top Clutter Vanity plates
This is another idea that is obvious, and even life- changes when in use. It's the only thing that can not after the skin care products and make-up use. What you need to do is to close a lovely tray of all the sink, and it contains the elements difficult to use than the cleanser, lip balm, shaving cream and razors, moisturizer, and others, if carefully grouped taskbar beauty products that are not outstanding, look dignified and almost a luxury. And there's nothing better than having no coincidence bottles strewn on the table at all times. You can also add trays on the counter and cabinets and drawers to catch the always grumpy objects like tweezers, hair elastic, and nail files.

Source by Ava Bell

teas Aromatherapy – The Scent of Healing

There are few smells enticing as those produced by freshly brewed herbal teas. The herbal teas used in aromatherapy hundreds of agents. They & # 39; so powerful that just breathing in the aromas can be a great influence on the physical and mental health.

concentrated herbs oils called essential oils. If you brew a cup of tea, some of them drift up steam. As you breathe in the steam, unique scent molecules into special "docks" or receptors in cells throughout the body. This caused a lot of changes that may be beneficial to health. The scent of lavender tea, for example, slows nerve impulses, encouraging relaxation. Aroma Therapist often concentrated oil is stored in a sealed bottle. These oils are very effective, but they are also expensive. Aromatherapy teas, on the other hand, is perfectly safe for home use, and has some impressive advantages.

About 40 different herbs used aroma therapy, either alone or in combination. Aroma Therapist often put in the essential oils of carburettors or special nasal inhalers. Homemade teas aromatherapy, but can be just as effective and are made the same way as other herbal teas. Pour 1 cup boiling water 1-2 tsp. fresh or dried plants. Let the tea steep 10 minutes, skim through the glass and take a deep breath, letting the steam comes out from the mouth and nose. The most popular aromatherapy tea has a pleasant taste, as well as an important healing effect. These are:

Chamomile. – A delicate and apple-like scent, chamomile is one of the most popular herbal teas. This includes oils that have a relaxing effect on the central nervous system. It & # 39; and often relieve stress and anxiety and insomnia. It also aids digestion.

Jasmine. – This fragrant chamomile tea has the opposite effect. This increases the brain waves called beta waves, which are associated with alertness. If you are tired or in a bad mood, inhale jasmine tea refreshes itself.

Eucalyptus. – This is a very popular tea to treat colds and flu symptoms. It contains a chemical called eucalyptol that helps to reduce inflammation in the airways. It also loosens mucus in the chest and sinuses to relieve congestion and ease breathing.

rosemary and sage. – all these strong-smelling herbs is said to improve memory and stimulate the senses. Rosemary tea is often used for depression. Sage historically used for alleviating pain and a mild case of the blues. It & # 39; And even a "cooling" herb that can help relieve hot flashes.

thyme. – This herb belongs to the medicine chest and the spice cabinet. It contains two oil, thymol and carvacrol to help relax muscles in the stomach and intestines. Thyme can be useful if you & # 39; experiencing gas, cramping or other digestive problems can relieve cough and congestion.

tea is not the only way to get the full benefit of aromatherapy herbs. For example:


  • a couple of drops of essential oil into the simmering water. Allow the steam to fill the air.
  • Put fresh or dried herbs bath water.
  • Put a drop of oil in a nebulizer, dilute with a little water and fog in the air around you.
  • drops of essential oil diluted in a 1 oz. vegetable oil and apply it on the pulse points of the wrist.

Note that the & # 39; and plant extracts can be used when making teas aromatherapy. Just make sure you do not confuse extracts and essential oils – they & # 39; a whole lot different. Plant extracts are produced for internal use, and many people find them more convenient than dried herbs tea. Essential oils, on the other hand, is only meant for external use, and can be toxic when taken internally.

Source by Idaline Hall

mind Aromatherapy – Essential oils to improve your self-confidence

Aroma Psychology

The word refers to the use of clinical aromatherapy essential oils with massage in general. Other applications inhalation, bathing and topical applications, such as compression, compress and direct applications, all of which can be used in the home environment.

There is so much more essential oils and their use in clinical status and I'm here to share what I consider to be a valuable tool that can help you improve your health and well-being on an emotional level.

Aroma-psychology specifically refers to the use of essential oils have a positive effect on your mind. Combine the pure natural herbal plant extracts that can turn you into our everyday lives moods and emotions, strengthen and stimulate our mind, improve memory support and enhance your confidence. This type of mental stimulation has a direct impact on our daily performance. Many companies have been using essential oils to help improve the performance of employees. A few years ago a study was carried out in Japan. Lemon used the air conditioning unit, and found that the typists also made less mistakes. It is also used at the end of a unique oil a day, which is winding down period.

Selecting the right essential oil

Despite its specific properties, I believe that if we work on an emotional level, it is important to the smell preferences into it more likely to have a positive response.

It is important to feel connected and enjoy the scent of the chosen essential oil / s. When you inhale your favorite scents take notice of how you feel emotionally and physically.

You instantly smile and feel uplifted?

has a nice interface?

There is as easy as right now it feels good when you inhale your favorite fragrance?

The following are some suggestions to experience and boost your confidence, but if it does not resonate with them, can choose to benefit personally.

The grapefruit is one of my favorites for me it means courage, boldness and confidence. This is a very emotionally uplifting and often start the day with him.

find the citrus oils, it is very encouraging and uplifting ~ lemon, sweet orange, bergamot, Petitgrain, mandarin and neroli. These are excellent especially the frail people who tend to worry a lot of experience anxiety, stress and tension. Now that all of us can at some point in our lives!

Heart oils like rose, jasmine, Melissa, lavender and ylang ylang are very supportive of self-acceptance, self-love and love in general. When it comes to a place of love we are confident of our being.

Woody oils like sandalwood, cedar and rosewood reinforcement and ground.

incense, sandalwood excellent support to release us from the obsessive thoughts and stuck. They will help you move forward.

Then there Basil, rosemary, peppermint, and they are very emotionally strengthening and energizing. They are great for building trust.

Spicy oils such as ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves strengthened, emotionally warming and invigorating. They add excitement and motivation to our daily lives.

Most of these essential oils can be easily and effortlessly inhaled the dry, what you call: Aromatherapy on the go! I like disposable inhalers, they fit in my bag, and I use them when I feel like a boost.

Here's a tip for you ~ little time to experience their favorite scents themselves simply inhaling them. Write down your feelings and responses of aromatherapy journals and use this information as a tool, whenever possible, sad, anxious, stressed a lack of confidence, and so on.

Wishing success to the Aromatique trip!

Source by Julie E Nelson

Aromatherapy massage – its importance and health benefits

science of aromatherapy, which is a healing essential oils. Aromatic essential oils distilled organic plant sources. These plants produce a lot of natural phyto chemicals. Thus, various essential oils for therapeutic effect on the mind, body and soul.

massage and aromatherapy hand in hand. In ancient Egypt, aromatic baths were a daily ritual. This was followed by a massage using aromatic oils made from cinnamon, rose, cedar, lily, myrrh, and so on. The last Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was famous for its exotic massage, aromatic baths and perfumes. She lavishly used perfume to seduce both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. In those days, aromatherapy massage was aimed at relaxation, pleasant bodily scents, skin nourishing and complete recovery. There was no clear distinction between perfumes and healing. Today we know that aromatic essential oils massage healing through touch and smell.

importance of aromatherapy massage

The real significance of aromatherapy massage to fully harmonize the mind and body. Pure and natural essential oils can heal and beautify the body, emotions and spirit of a truly powerful and unique sensory experience. An aromatherapy massage effective due to the ability of the essential oil to the skin layers and tissues. This will allow the oil to enter into the blood and spread quickly to the benefit of the whole body. The quality of the essential oil directly affects the extent that the positive health effects of oil can be derived.

aromatherapy massage has been agreed today to play a role in relaxation, rehabilitation, and preventive health care in western medicine as well. These massages are offered as part of a package of health spas, beauty clinics resorts and wellness centers.

essential oils to choose and prudently and carefully, before you send an aromatherapy massage. Essential oils either calm or stimulate the recipient. Most of the antibacterial and many oil anticonvulsant. A lot of aromatherapy products available on the market that contain synthetic ingredients. They do not provide any therapeutic health benefits and actually may cause side effects.

Health benefits of advanced disease and aromatherapy massage

  • PMS (premenstrual syndrome )
  • menopausal symptoms
  • Digestive problems,
  • Stress
  • hypertension
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle and joint stiffness
  • lethargy and low energy levels

some of these medical conditions that respond very well to massage essential oils.

Source by Pat Jefferson