what the emulsion skin care?

What is an emulsion?

Lotions, creams, massage oils, creams and compresses all external preparations, such as moisturizing, but also used to treat conditions such as rashes and skin problems, relieve bruising, joint pains.

But we emulsion and what this means in reality.

All these products are usually water and oil compositions, and as a result, the oil content will be absorbed into the skin.

Making the lotion, cream, ointment, etc. based on the mixing of the oil and water in the appropriate proportions to form an emulsion. Leave it long enough, and sooner or later split. By providing an emulsifier, it will be a stable product, and continue to commit. Emulsifiers you select depends on the type of emulsion as well.

So what's the difference?
the emulsion can be done in two ways: either an oil in water emulsion or a water in oil. The same sound is not true and does not provide a similar result.


If it is an oil-water emulsion, the oil is the dispersed phase and water the continuous phase.

If it is a water-in-oil emulsion, the water in the dispersed phase and oil is the continuous phase.

Both types of cream / lotion into it & # 39; s components caused with time even in the presence of an emulsifier, and sometimes by extreme temperatures, poor ratio of the dispersed components and the addition of other components such as alcohol.

Most people nowadays selective about what they put on their skin, so you know what type of emulsion as well. Try to find a product that is natural emulsifier, and uses natural oils to the base. Your skin will thank you.

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