The Skin Care Benefits Azulene

a component of Azulene from produced the essential oil by steam distillation chamomile Anthemis nobilis (Roman chamomile), yarrow (milfoil), or Tanacetum anuum (Blue tansy), and differentiates & # 39; s spectacular blue color. Blue azulenes unsaturated hydrocarbons, naphthalene isomers. Chamomile contains a wide variety of active ingredients. Each component expresses a specific action but the fascinating holistic effect is the result of all the components work together. The main ingredients of chamomile oil and alpha-bisabolol chamazulene, sesquiterpene derivatives. Other useful materials are present, and, in particular, and many other flavonoids apigenin.

Benefits: In clinical trials, the azulene and bisabolol have been shown to exhibit dramatic effects of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection chamazulene significant. In practice, this means that the use of these natural substances help prevent the formation of skin blemishes and help stop deterioration of skin cells leads to wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation.

Quotes: ". A large list of recent basic research due, chamomile is a perfect example of a herb having diverse therapeutic purposes" "Chamomile preparations are widely used in skin care products to reduce cutaneous inflammation and other dermatological diseases." George Nemecz, Ph.D., USPharmacist / Herbal Pharmacy

chamomile to soothe, heal, fight inflammation and stimulates cell renewal. German chamomile most common type of skin treatment; to be rich in a fatty substance called azulene which extraordinary healing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory powers. Barbara Griggs, author of "The Green Witch – The Modern Woman & # 39; s plant" and Green Pharmacy.

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